New Projects Take Root at C:/dags

This week marked the beginning of two new projects at C:/Dags.  D3 facilitators first met with Mrs. Se and Mr. Velazquez to begin planning a series of “Discovery Missions” that will integrate Science and Math curriculum with games designed by students.  This project will be developed into 2013, and began with an initial discussion of the potential connections between specific content areas.

We also conducted the first professional development session with all C:/dags teachers, which introduced them to the “Americans All” project and the Community Planit platform.  The Americans All project will focus on developing content for an upcoming national exhibit sponsored by the Smithsonian.  C:/dags students and other members of the community will come together using an online gaming platform called Community Planit.  Teachers and students will be working together to develop the content of the game, which will include several phases over the course of several months.  Teachers completed a sample challenge in which they were asked to design a t-shirt that represented their family’s personal immigration story. The final game is scheduled to be played in April.

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The D3 Lab is a collaboration between the Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute, COMMONstudio design consultancy, and Nightingale Middle School in Los Angeles. It is one part idea lab, one part design and production facility, and one part "do tank." It is a place where students come to nurture and cultivate ideas, tackle big and small problems, and take action.

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