Archive | November, 2012

Bean Bags and Boundary Lines

This week is a busy one at C:/dags.  Students from the Gaming & Design class are facing the challenge of transforming a classroom into a flexible creative and social space for the school.  Following initial class discussions about the experiential goals for the space, today the class split off into teams to think about the […]

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Hawk’s Nest Community Garden Flourishing This Season at Nightingale!

Gardeners from last spring were delighted to see an abundance of cherry tomatoes awaiting them in the Hawk’s Nest when they returned to school in August!  They picked these for about one month, eating them alone and bringing them home to cook with. During that month, student groups led by Ms. Mukadisi, the D3 Lab, […]

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Building Creative Pathways at C:\DAGS

This week marked the start of the C:/dags creative pathways reference library.  This space is intended to be used as a resource for students and teachers interested in learning more about creative educational and professional opportunities.  We hope this resource will grow to include materials from all major local and national design/digital media schools such […]

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Eighth Grade Conflict Resolution Team Hosts Anti-bullying Event

Since the start of the school year, a group of eighth graders has been working in the D3 Lab as part of a daily Conflict Resolution Leadership elective.  The group was given the task of identifying sources of conflict on campus and finding ways to help students work through these. After their initial review of […]

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