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Visualizing Impact at C:\DAGS

This was our last week at C:/dags before the winter break.  D3 facilitators took this as an opportunity to survey the teachers about how they feel about our presence and the impact it’s had on the culture and teaching practices at the school.  This yielded some useful insights about the teachers overall comfort level about […]

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Nightingale Students Team Up With Community Activists to Create Sustainable Art

This fall at Nightingale, a group of environmentally conscious Nighthawks teamed up with local eco-activism group Ruckus Roots to find a way to make use of waste on campus.  The project began when several Nighthawks expressed concern over waste in their homes, school, and communities, and its impact on the environment.  Ruckus Roots members were […]

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Design a Defense

Today at C:/dags, D3 facilitators met with teachers to plan for the development of two distinct and exciting projects for the new year.  First, Mr. Garcia and Mrs. Se are teaming up to develop a “Discovery Mission” that will integrate Algebra and Chemistry content. Students will design digital games that will replace final tests for […]

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D3 Project of the Month: Braincooker!

One of the most challenging aspects of the design process is the Brainstorming phase, in which we generate multiple ideas or solutions to the problem in front of us. This often requires cognitive agility, snap decision making, and the ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information.  D3’s new “Project of the Month” […]

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