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D3@PSP: Nearing the finish line

In light of the tragic events in Boston on Monday, our teens spent a fair amount of time reflecting on injustices this week. This conversation flourished into personal stories that seemed to fit right into the session’s therapeutic atmosphere. As we folded cranes and played our games, teens shared stories about their families, injustices in […]

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D3 Supports Mock Trials at C/:dags

  This week at we helped C/:dags English teacher Mr. Miller plan a small design project to be completed in preparation for mock trials happening in his class next week.  Students will use the D3 process to design and make wearable accessories that help identify their role during the mock trial.  The prosecution, the defense, […]

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Design and Decay

This week at C:/dags, D3 facilitators helped Mr. Gomez with a new project he’s starting in his Geography class. Students will reference topics addressed in the book The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman  to predict how nature would re-capture their campus in the sudden absence of human existence.  Some groups will also propose how […]

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D3@PSP Makes Friends!

We are in our second full week of making our 200+ origami cranes and we are finding more ways to spice up these long and tedious sessions. We are continuing to rotate teens into the DJ position throughout the session and have seen a lot of progress with this new system. Teens are willing to […]

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D3@PSP: DJ’ing our sessions

We are just stepping into the Do It phase and we’re realizing that with the tedious folding of the cranes, there’s a lot of quiet air to fill without our usual discussions, games and activities. With an outstanding attendance of 7-8 teens both days, we knew keeping the whole group focused on our goal for the entire session would be […]

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PSP’s ‘Define’ Intervention

After a successful and supportive meeting with the head of the PSP’s maintenance staff, we got both our designs and installation space approved! Our sessions and project going forward hung in the balance of their feedback, so this was a huge weight lifted. We spent this week truly defining all aspects of our design: how […]

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D3@PSP narrows down

  After a huge turnover this last month, D3 has yet again bounced back with new faces and solid attendance! With an average of 4 teens per session this week, we continued to work on what we want our installation to look like.We started off the sessions with simple games of Pictionary to get the […]

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Brain’s Cooking at Nightingale!

What do you make using straws, aluminum foil, PVC pipes, string, and duct tape?  This was the Braincooker challenge faced by students in Mrs. Golakova’s seventh and eighth grade classes this month at Nightingale.  Each class split into groups and competed to invent the best model of a given object, such as a fashion accessory […]

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C:/dags: Back From Break

Freshly back from spring break, this week at C:/dags saw students and teachers diving back into the thick of things.  D3 facilitators stopped in to check out the Gaming and Design class as they began a new ARIS based project and continued working to transform their space with simple paint swatch partition walls. We then […]

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