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After a huge turnover this last month, D3 has yet again bounced back with new faces and solid attendance! With an average of 4 teens per session this week, we continued to work on what we want our installation to look like.We started off the sessions with simple games of Pictionary to get the teens familiar with drawing out their ideas. The teens were given a large piece of paper which represents the ceiling where we will install our PSPieces artwork. The Word Association game last week left the teens inspired with the idea of birds, as it represent freedom, mobility and openness. This week, the teens agreed on the idea of birds flying in V formation, towards the main doors of PSP because it represents them as a community, migrating to a more permanent home. The teens created a 2D and a 3D drawing of their design as a rough draft plan. We will present their drawings to the Maintenance Manager at PSP on Monday for feedback regarding the technical issues with installing the piece.

On Wednesday, a pros/cons forum was held for any and all feedback regarding the design from the day before. After the discussion, the teens worked on individual plan for what they think the design should improve on. The things they came up with were color of the cranes, general size of the installation, and adding clouds in the bird installation. Three of them had clouds in their design, all with different configurations. We had a group meeting around a new piece of paper to compile our edits. We took elements from each of the teens’ designs, all while making sure our main idea still stayed the same. This didn’t come easily as some teens were really attached to all of their ideas, but with some compromise and mediation, we had our final design!

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The D3 Lab is a collaboration between the Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute, COMMONstudio design consultancy, and Nightingale Middle School in Los Angeles. It is one part idea lab, one part design and production facility, and one part "do tank." It is a place where students come to nurture and cultivate ideas, tackle big and small problems, and take action.

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