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D3@PSP cart project video!

D3 teens’ first stab at a project progress video! Enjoy!

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D3@PSP is famous!

This week in Minneapolis has finally brought upon some real summer weather and with it came big publicity for D3! We were filmed for a short segment of ABC’s local news here in MN! Our teens rose to the challenge of being filmed and speaking in front of the camera– we were so proud! This […]

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D3 Summer Workshop at C:/dags!

Last week, D3 facilitators hosted an action-packed, two day Professional development workshop with C:/dags teachers.  The goal of the workshop was to support teachers to develop D3 projects for the fall semester. Teachers had an opportunity to walk through a live design challenge to refresh their skills, share their stories from the previous semester, and […]

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Nightingale TRASHformation Team Sets the Nighthawk Free!

The Nightingale TRASHformation team came together last month to unveil the Nighthawk they created from campus waste with local group Ruckus Roots.  At the time of our last update, the team had begun building the body for the bird, and was starting to test out different materials for its head and beak.  After some trial […]

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Campus Improvement by Mr. Cugley’s Class: Redesigning Spaces

Several teams of 6th graders from Mr. Cugley’s Language Arts classes dedicated lots of time this year to improving the Nightingale Campus.  After completing a campus walkthrough and identifying spaces that needed improvement, the teams decided to redesign a space under some stairs on the blacktop and as well as an outdoor cafeteria space.  They […]

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Students Work with the Community to Promote Cycling on Ride to School Day 2013

Nightingale Cyclists teamed up with the local cycling community once again this May.  This time their goal was to encourage more students to celebrate Ride to School Day by holding an after school festival on the national holiday.  Students who rode to school that day were rewarded with a free snack and an extra chance […]

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D3@PSP: CAUTION, cart construction!

The D3 cart project has rolled into construction! The teens were so eager to go at the cart with paint brushes and rollers, but before we did that, we tested out different colors, paints and surfaces. The 5 teens defined each piece of the cart on Tuesday:  One of the ‘wings’ will be dry-erase paint, […]

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D3@PSP defines + takes a break!

This week at PSP, we made huge progress with our cart design through the Define stage. After taking both prototypes into consideration and narrowing our ideas down last week, we had our 4 teens source materials and compare them for the cart. Beau and Emily brought in as many material options as possible for the […]

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