D3@PSP is famous!

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This week in Minneapolis has finally brought upon some real summer weather and with it came big publicity for D3! We were filmed for a short segment of ABC’s local news here in MN! Our teens rose to the challenge of being filmed and speaking in front of the camera– we were so proud! This week, we also started our new Monday afternoon sessions and finished our cart project! We had 3-7 teens rally together to paint the cart and install the wings, hooks and handles. It looks incredible! On Wednesday, we pieced together a short film on the D3 computers using footage we took throughout the duration of the project. The teens used iMovie to edit and add original music made by the teens from the GarageBand program! We will upload the final film soon, stay tuned! On Wednesday, we ended the project with celebratory smoothies from a local coffee shop down the block from PSP, yum!

Want to see us on the news? Take a look!

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The D3 Lab is a collaboration between the Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute, COMMONstudio design consultancy, and Nightingale Middle School in Los Angeles. It is one part idea lab, one part design and production facility, and one part "do tank." It is a place where students come to nurture and cultivate ideas, tackle big and small problems, and take action.

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