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A quick sketch of the PSP entrance to consider where the finished map will hang.

D3@PSP Welcome Map

Hello everyone! This is Jennifer Cummings writing, a new facilitator for D3 @ PSP. This week was my first week with the teens. I had a great introduction to the D3 process from not only the designers but the kids, too! Continuing the Map project for incoming PSP guests, one young student at my request […]

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Forging Into Fall

C:/dags was packed with project planning today as teachers continue to use D3 as a tool to engage students.  More and more of them are confidently incorporating design into their classrooms everyday. D3 facilitators stopped in on Mrs. Owens 9th Grade Algebra class, where teams were presenting their final designs to the class for feedback. […]

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D3@PSP hits the streets!

The teens have prototyped for a week straight trying to find the best idea for our lobby space re-vamp. We went through some great and not-so-great ideas like planting an Xbox gaming station in the elevators, decorating the lobby as a spooky haunted house for Halloween and a full scale ceiling mural. We finally landed […]

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Flexing D3 Muscle at C:/dags

The flexibility of the D3 process allows it to be used in many ways by educators across various contexts. This rang true today at C:/Dags as teachers continued to use D3 as a powerful planning and facilitation tool in their classrooms.  Mrs. Owens bravely began her next project in her 9th Grade Algebra class.  The […]

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C:/dags Projects Underway

This week at C:/dags was jam packed with activity as teachers continue to develop, as well as impliment their design-based projects with students.  D3 facilitators stopped in in Mrs. Lamar’s 6th period class to provide real-time feedback to student design teams on the development of their projects.  The goal of the project is to use […]

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Endless summer at D3@PSP!

This Minnesota weather just doesn’t quit! We’re a week into September with sky-high temperatures (90 degrees and rising!) as well as rising D3 attendance! Now that school’s in session, we’ve resorted to our usually-empty waiting list system. D3 is full of eager and energetic teens that already hold the program near and dear.    We’ve […]

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