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Peace From PSP Teen’s Point of View – D3 Style!

With a full group for two days teens at PSP’s D3 program created a Peace Poster for the Lion’s Club International Peace Poster Contest. This year’s theme is “Our World, Our Future,” asking for teenagers to visualize a culture of peace from their perspective. Because of the deadline for the contest we set the teens up […]

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Cars, Chemistry, and Coding

Today at C:/dags we stopped into conduct post-project reflections with teachers who just wrapped up D3 projects with their class. Mr. Garcia’s balloon powered car project ended on a high note with a competition that would students’ final designs to the test.  After winners were crowned, a discussion was held to understand the successful aspects […]

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C:/Dags Drag & Drop

This week saw the further development of a series of D3 based projects at C:/Dags. The first was a more creative spin on the traditional “balloon powered car” project. Mr. Garcia has been guiding teams of 10th grade students in his physics class through the D3 process as they work with a limited pallet of […]

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Teens searched for contest details

D3 @PSP: Movin’ On Up into Peace Out!

D3 @ PSP is in high demand – each day the sign up sheet was full! In two days the teens accomplished a lot. On Tuesday they finalized their Movin’ On Up workspace re-design proposal with photos, editing, and a thank you and submitted their work via email to PSP management. They created a professional […]

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Three Projects at C:/dags

This week, we supported an exciting triad of teacher-led projects at C:/dags. First we stopped by Mr. Garcias Physics class, where he’s facilitating a balloon-powered-car project with the help of the D3 process.  His students have developed stong problem statements for their designs, and have a limited pallette of materials to use.  They are currently […]

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Cut paper symbolizes current furniture

D3 @ PSP: Finalizing A Design Proposal

This week the teens at PSP made a lot of progress using the D3 process to create a design proposal for the 5th floor lounge space to become the teen programming workroom at PSP. Each day kids were lined up on the waiting list to join and parents expressed how their child so looks forward […]

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Halloween at C:/dags

In addition to many style points being awarded for clever costumes, this week at C:/dags was marked by the continued development of design projects in Ms. Lamar’s and Mr. Orozco’s geometry classes, as well as collaborative planning sessions with other teachers.  As we observed, documented and assisted design teams with their hallway installations, we were […]

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