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D3 @PSP Peace Out & Timberwolves!

D3 @PSP was really exciting this week! On Tuesday the teens completed TWO peace posters in one day. A full house split into boys and girls teams to plan and paint, but both show peace as a process – a cycle people must be involved in to make the world a clean, healthy environment. The […]

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C:/Dags Drag & Drop

This week saw the further development of a series of D3 based projects at C:/Dags. The first was a more creative spin on the traditional “balloon powered car” project. Mr. Garcia has been guiding teams of 10th grade students in his physics class through the D3 process as they work with a limited pallet of […]

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Three Projects at C:/dags

This week, we supported an exciting triad of teacher-led projects at C:/dags. First we stopped by Mr. Garcias Physics class, where he’s facilitating a balloon-powered-car project with the help of the D3 process.  His students have developed stong problem statements for their designs, and have a limited pallette of materials to use.  They are currently […]

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Halloween at C:/dags

In addition to many style points being awarded for clever costumes, this week at C:/dags was marked by the continued development of design projects in Ms. Lamar’s and Mr. Orozco’s geometry classes, as well as collaborative planning sessions with other teachers.  As we observed, documented and assisted design teams with their hallway installations, we were […]

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Designing and Doing at C:/dags

Check out Mrs. Lamar’s 9th grade Geometry class doing some more Math-integrated hallway transformation!  We stopped in to offer some feedback on the class’s final designs. As we visited with each team, we were impressed by their grasp on the project as well as their role in the development of the design.  This understanding was […]

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C:/dags Projects Underway

This week at C:/dags was jam packed with activity as teachers continue to develop, as well as impliment their design-based projects with students.  D3 facilitators stopped in in Mrs. Lamar’s 6th period class to provide real-time feedback to student design teams on the development of their projects.  The goal of the project is to use […]

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Nightingale TRASHformation Team Sets the Nighthawk Free!

The Nightingale TRASHformation team came together last month to unveil the Nighthawk they created from campus waste with local group Ruckus Roots.  At the time of our last update, the team had begun building the body for the bird, and was starting to test out different materials for its head and beak.  After some trial […]

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Campus Improvement by Mr. Cugley’s Class: Redesigning Spaces

Several teams of 6th graders from Mr. Cugley’s Language Arts classes dedicated lots of time this year to improving the Nightingale Campus.  After completing a campus walkthrough and identifying spaces that needed improvement, the teams decided to redesign a space under some stairs on the blacktop and as well as an outdoor cafeteria space.  They […]

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Students Complete Music Video to Motivate Their Peers for CST Testing

This video was designed by Mrs. Jones’ 3rd period choir class to inspire the Nightingale student body to rock the CST’s!  After seeing some CST videos created by other schools on the web, Mrs. Jones’ class wanted to make a Nightingale version.  They quickly began brainstorming ideas for fun scenes and motivating music and messages. […]

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C:/dags: Back From Break

Freshly back from spring break, this week at C:/dags saw students and teachers diving back into the thick of things.  D3 facilitators stopped in to check out the Gaming and Design class as they began a new ARIS based project and continued working to transform their space with simple paint swatch partition walls. We then […]

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