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Nightingale TRASHformation Team Sets the Nighthawk Free!

The Nightingale TRASHformation team came together last month to unveil the Nighthawk they created from campus waste with local group Ruckus Roots.  At the time of our last update, the team had begun building the body for the bird, and was starting to test out different materials for its head and beak.  After some trial […]

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Campus Improvement by Mr. Cugley’s Class: Redesigning Spaces

Several teams of 6th graders from Mr. Cugley’s Language Arts classes dedicated lots of time this year to improving the Nightingale Campus.  After completing a campus walkthrough and identifying spaces that needed improvement, the teams decided to redesign a space under some stairs on the blacktop and as well as an outdoor cafeteria space.  They […]

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Students Work with the Community to Promote Cycling on Ride to School Day 2013

Nightingale Cyclists teamed up with the local cycling community once again this May.  This time their goal was to encourage more students to celebrate Ride to School Day by holding an after school festival on the national holiday.  Students who rode to school that day were rewarded with a free snack and an extra chance […]

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Students Complete Music Video to Motivate Their Peers for CST Testing

This video was designed by Mrs. Jones’ 3rd period choir class to inspire the Nightingale student body to rock the CST’s!  After seeing some CST videos created by other schools on the web, Mrs. Jones’ class wanted to make a Nightingale version.  They quickly began brainstorming ideas for fun scenes and motivating music and messages. […]

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Harlem Shake Comes to Nightingale Middle School To Bring Students Together to Share School Pride

As the Harlem Shake has been shaking offices and classes around the nation, a group of students wanted to bring some of that fun to lunchtime at Nightingale.  They teamed up with local student director and producer Danielle from Highland Park High School and brainstormed how to make it happen.  After setting a date, these […]

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Young Advice Crew Creates First Hallway Hieroglyph at Nightingale

This week at Nightingale, the Young Advice Crew shared their completed hallway hieroglyph with the school community. Their challenge was to create a hieroglyph to represent their peer mediation group and what it has to offer to NMS students.  They began by brainstorming concepts that represent the group and then turned these into images.  After […]

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TRASHformers Begin to Build!

Back in December, when Nightingale TRASHformers began talking with others in the school community, they found that the majority of people they spoke with would like a Nighthawk on campus.  Many versions were then considered and revisions made before a final draft was voted on by the team.  Next, Ruckus Roots collaborator Robin Banks, along […]

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Nightingale Students Work with Local Organization to Convert Trash to Art

It started with a group of students who wanted to do something about the trash problem on campus. After teaming up with local organization, Ruckus Roots, students are collecting litter and creating a symbolic art installment at Nightingale. The Trashformation project is a great example of how a simple idea can turn into a collaborative […]

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