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Final Workshop at C:/dags

Recently Commonstudio had the pleasure of facilitating a final workshop at our partner school, C:/dags in South LA, which concluded a two year intensive on-site partnership.  Teachers were introduced to a new D3 resource we call the “Reverse Engineering Game.”  The purpose of this game is to build competency with the design process by starting […]

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Campus Improvement by Mr. Cugley’s Class: Redesigning Spaces

Several teams of 6th graders from Mr. Cugley’s Language Arts classes dedicated lots of time this year to improving the Nightingale Campus.  After completing a campus walkthrough and identifying spaces that needed improvement, the teams decided to redesign a space under some stairs on the blacktop and as well as an outdoor cafeteria space.  They […]

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Quick & Cheap Spatial Transformations at C:/dags

  Transforming the Gaming & Design Room at C:/dags is an ongoing challenge.  So far, students have worked together using the D3 methodology to analyze the space and talk about their ideas for how it should be used by students. This week a group of students created some quick prototypes for how the space could […]

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Mapping C:\DAGS

This week D3 facilitators met for a planning session with Mark Gomez, the Geography teacher at C:/dags, who has an idea for a new and exciting way to engage his students.  Using smart phones, students will scan QR codes strategically placed throughout the C:/dags campus that will provide focused challenges based on Geography content. Students […]

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Hallway Hieroglyphics Project Transforms C:\DAGS Walls

Tired of the empty hallways at school? Teachers at C:\DAGS taken the Hallway Hieroglyphics to soaring heights by connecting the project with a range of subjects from Geography to Debate. The Hallway Hieroglyphics projects puts students at the center of transforming the once-empty walls on campus using a couple simple tools: imagination & masking tape. […]

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Visualizing Impact at C:\DAGS

This was our last week at C:/dags before the winter break.  D3 facilitators took this as an opportunity to survey the teachers about how they feel about our presence and the impact it’s had on the culture and teaching practices at the school.  This yielded some useful insights about the teachers overall comfort level about […]

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Professional Development Session at Nightingale!

D3 facilitators Danny and Kim led Nightingale teachers through a fast paced design challenge utilizing the D3 methodology.  The challenge was to re-imagine the experience of walking through the hallway at Nightingale.  Teachers partnered up and walked through each stage of the Dream it, Design it, Do it sequence to design new systems of hallway […]

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C:Dags Professional Development Session 2: Space Race

This session picked up where our last session left off-on the topic of classroom space.  An ambitious challenge was posed to C:DAGS teachers.  “How can you re-imagine your classroom space to encourage creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking?”  Teachers were asked to observe their students using the classroom space of the course of two weeks and […]

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Love For the D3 Lab’s New DJ for a Day Project

Wednesday, April 11th marked the D3 Lab’s first DJ for a Day event. It was nothing short of a success as it transformed Nightingale’s blacktop into an energetic, student-centered dance area. Students and staff came together to enjoy music selected and remixed by Chris E, aka DJ Trilogy. Inspired by Chris’s passion for dubstep music, […]

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Students Harvest Their First Crop in the Hawk’s Nest

Mr. Cugley’s 6th grade students have been testing out the community garden beds in the Hawk’s Nest. Last week, students got to taste the first fruit of their labor when we harvested some chard that they planted several weeks ago. Due to the timing of the original planting and the recent rains we’ve gotten, we […]

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