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Cut paper symbolizes current furniture

D3 @ PSP: Finalizing A Design Proposal

This week the teens at PSP made a lot of progress using the D3 process to create a design proposal for the 5th floor lounge space to become the teen programming workroom at PSP. Each day kids were lined up on the waiting list to join and parents expressed how their child so looks forward […]

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D3 @ PSP: Movin’ On Up & Going to College

Teens eagerly attended D3 @ PSP – both days full with a waiting list. Teens continued their Movin’ On Up redesign project and went on a field trip to be presenters and give critiques to a college graphic design class!      On Wednesday, teens arranged floor plans to adapt the lounge space to a […]

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Making floor plans and wall plans...

D3 @ PSP: Movin’ On Up – Lounge to Workspace Redesign

Continuing the excitement following PBS’ filming of the final phase of The Map of Our Neighborhood D3 @ PSP had full attendance both days this week! We have begun to design a solution for moving our workspace from the Rec. Room back to the family lounge space on PSP’s fifth floor. In digging deeper teens […]

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Nightingale TRASHformation Team Sets the Nighthawk Free!

The Nightingale TRASHformation team came together last month to unveil the Nighthawk they created from campus waste with local group Ruckus Roots.  At the time of our last update, the team had begun building the body for the bird, and was starting to test out different materials for its head and beak.  After some trial […]

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C:/dags: Back From Break

Freshly back from spring break, this week at C:/dags saw students and teachers diving back into the thick of things.  D3 facilitators stopped in to check out the Gaming and Design class as they began a new ARIS based project and continued working to transform their space with simple paint swatch partition walls. We then […]

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Quick & Cheap Spatial Transformations at C:/dags

  Transforming the Gaming & Design Room at C:/dags is an ongoing challenge.  So far, students have worked together using the D3 methodology to analyze the space and talk about their ideas for how it should be used by students. This week a group of students created some quick prototypes for how the space could […]

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Mapping C:\DAGS

This week D3 facilitators met for a planning session with Mark Gomez, the Geography teacher at C:/dags, who has an idea for a new and exciting way to engage his students.  Using smart phones, students will scan QR codes strategically placed throughout the C:/dags campus that will provide focused challenges based on Geography content. Students […]

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Professional Development Session at Nightingale!

D3 facilitators Danny and Kim led Nightingale teachers through a fast paced design challenge utilizing the D3 methodology.  The challenge was to re-imagine the experience of walking through the hallway at Nightingale.  Teachers partnered up and walked through each stage of the Dream it, Design it, Do it sequence to design new systems of hallway […]

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C:Dags Professional Development Session 2: Space Race

This session picked up where our last session left off-on the topic of classroom space.  An ambitious challenge was posed to C:DAGS teachers.  “How can you re-imagine your classroom space to encourage creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking?”  Teachers were asked to observe their students using the classroom space of the course of two weeks and […]

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Check out the D3 Lab Video!

D3 Lab programs lead to transformative learning experiences, and relevant and more meaningful participation in school and in the community. Check out the video and see the D3 Lab in action.

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