People Serving People, Minneapolis

People Serving People, a non-profit organization based in downtown Minneapolis, provides emergency housing and community services that assist families experiencing homelessness in becoming self-sufficient and reconnected with the community. NLI consultants are working with PSP to develop programming for teens that offer a variety of ways for them to discover and nurture their latent interests through relevant, action-oriented projects.

Similar to the initial program development for the D3 Lab@ Nightingale Middle School, NLI partnered with COMMONstudio, a social design consultancy that works with clients to define challenges, identify opportunities, and co-develop unique and actionable design responses to those challenges, to research stakeholder needs and interests. COMMONstudio interviewed and conducted focus group activities with PSP staff, parents, and teens for several weeks. This culminated in a comprehensive report that forms the basis for understanding how NLI and PSP can collaborate to develop D3 programming that meets the needs and interests of teens.

To read the needfinding report and opportunity assessment, click here.

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