Program Collaborators

The New Learning Institute, the community of Nightingale Middle School, and COMMONstudio are collaborating to develop and support the D3 Lab. The D3 Lab (Dream It, Design It, Do It) is more than just a physical space at the school. It represents an approach to learning where students explore their interests, work with adults to define and refine their project ideas based on proven design principles, and then implement their ideas in the school or larger community. Programs take place during school, after school, in classrooms, in outdoor spaces, in the community, and in the D3 Lab itself.

  • The Pearson Foundation’s New Learning Institute delivers engaging, personalized, project-based digital media programs to young people to help them explore their interests, direct their own learning, and better prepare themselves for living and working in the 21st century.
  • Nightingale Middle School, located in the Cypress Park neighborhood of East Los Angeles, is facing many of the contemporary challenges affecting our public schools nation-wide: severe budget cuts, disappearing elective classes, standards-driven instruction, and a student population that is becoming increasingly disengaged and disenchanted with their educational experiences.
  • COMMONstudio, the Los Angeles affiliate of Project H, is a social design consultancy committed to engaging in interdisciplinary approaches to objects, systems, tools, and spaces with an emphasis on the issues of urban ecology, social enterprise, and adaptive reuse.

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