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Today at C:/dags: Green Roofs and Healthy Games

This week at C:/dags, D3 facilitators got to review and reflect on a range final student design projects.   The first round of projects was facilitated by Vanya Hollis, who teaches Health class for all three schools at Augustus Hawkins.  The goal of this project was to design games that helped to reinforce the central class […]

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D3@PSP gets a few visitors!

This week at PSP, we had a few familiar faces come to visit our D3 program: Kim + Danny! We were so excited to have them here and to see our progress in person. With our 3-5 teens, we began this week by breaking up into two teams and prototyping our “ideal” cart using an […]

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Workshop time at PSP!

Last week, D3 facilitators stopped in for a visit to People Serving People, the site of a new D3 program that serves homeless teens in Minneapolis.  We had a chance to see their first large scale installation project, and observe new projects in progress.  PSP staff also had an opportunity to participate in a D3 […]

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Inner-City Hues

Students at C:/dags have been using the D3 process to help them generate content for a new community-based project in collaboration with Inner City Arts.  The goal of the project will be to transform an abandoned and dilapidated local church into a canvas for teen-created murals.  Students from C:/dags will be in charge of transforming […]

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D3@PSP: Digging Deeper through MPLS architecture!

This week in D3, although we had a lull in numbers (4-6 teens per session), we had opposite outcomes in progress! Building off of last week’s session at JOYCE where the teens learned how to define ‘design’ within a 2D perspective, we wanted to understand a 3D perspective to apply to our cart design! With […]

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D3@PSP: A new beginning!

This week starts the beginning of our new project: branding the D3 cart! Because D3 doesn’t have a designated room at PSP, we rely on a basic utility cart for a lot of different uses; mobile storage, sign-in/out desk, desktop workspace, and our snack/beverage station just to name a few. We want to D3-ify the […]

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C:/dags projects making progress

This week at C:/dags was marked by an eclectic mix of projects and events.  D3 facilitators met with teachers individually to provide feedback on projects ranging from re-thinking campus systems for sustainability (Mr. Gomez, Geography), to designing musical instruments (Mrs. Sujo, Physics).  We also were part of an interesting discussion about new forms of assessment […]

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PSPieces takes flight!

We’ve made it to the end… it’s been a long 9 weeks, but we did it! This week was spent installing, thanking and celebrating. Beau and Emily carved out time during the day to meet with a member of the activities staff and two members of the maintenance staff to install the 180 cranes. It […]

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Students Complete Music Video to Motivate Their Peers for CST Testing

This video was designed by Mrs. Jones’ 3rd period choir class to inspire the Nightingale student body to rock the CST’s!  After seeing some CST videos created by other schools on the web, Mrs. Jones’ class wanted to make a Nightingale version.  They quickly began brainstorming ideas for fun scenes and motivating music and messages. […]

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PSP’s Operation Crane Construction: Complete!

Last week was the final mile in the marathon that was our crane construction. We sprinted to the finish line with our final 30 cranes on Tuesday, totaling over 180 cranes all together! On Wednesday, we pierced and strung all 180 cranes so they were ready for installation next week. The teens were happy to […]

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