Archive | July, 2013

D3@PSP learns to ride the wave

We at PSP had a busy week saying the last of our goodbyes to five of our core D3 teens and playing catch-up with the new ones! There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to D3@PSP’s attendance, but we try our best to keep our projects going strong and encourage new teens […]

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D3@PSP in reel time!

At PSP this week, our 4-6 recurring teens have have been busy directing their films and are beginning to realize the large amount of work that goes into filmmaking! “Everything takes so long” has become a new motto for this project, and indeed it’s true! The teens have been holding themselves to a high standard through […]

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D3@PSP’s new project!

We’ve begun a new project at PSP called Through My Eyes, a video project that gives our teens the freedom to create a 2-3 minute film of their choice! We are two weeks in and already we’ve seen how beneficial the D3 process is to this type of project. Because the teens were so excited […]

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