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How it all started. . .

The D3 concept originated out of a need to design programs that allowed young people to situate their learning experiences within a context that made sense to them-their own interests. Before we embarked on this endeavor, the first goal was  to gain a deeper understanding the culture of the school and its place in the community. We worked […]

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Highland Park HS Students Intern at D3 Lab

For the third year in a row, the D3 Lab is bringing high school students to Nightingale MS to mentor 6th-8th graders and to lead projects based on their own personal and career interests. Something magical happens when high school students are brought into the middle school environment to work with these younger students: For […]

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Hallway Hieroglyphics Project Transforms C:\DAGS Walls

Tired of the empty hallways at school? Teachers at C:\DAGS taken the Hallway Hieroglyphics to soaring heights by connecting the project with a range of subjects from Geography to Debate. The Hallway Hieroglyphics projects puts students at the center of transforming the once-empty walls on campus using a couple simple tools: imagination & masking tape. […]

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CST Video in Production at Nightingale Middle School

A team of dedicated Nighthawks is currently producing a music video to motivate the Nightingale community for the upcoming California State Tests!  In October, students in Mrs. Jones’ seventh grade choir were given the challenge of creating a CST video for the school.  Seventh graders Victoria, Yami,and Nicole stepped up as directors to lead the project. […]

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Nightingale Students Work with Local Organization to Convert Trash to Art

It started with a group of students who wanted to do something about the trash problem on campus. After teaming up with local organization, Ruckus Roots, students are collecting litter and creating a symbolic art installment at Nightingale. The Trashformation project is a great example of how a simple idea can turn into a collaborative […]

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Master Designer Challenge

  This week at C:/dags we experimented with a new design based, brain-teasing, puzzle game called “Master Designer”.  It’s a great way to flex your visual and communication skills! Interested in playing it?  See more info HERE.  D3 facilitators have also begun to strategize with Vanya, a Health teacher who will be launching a new […]

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Let The Games Begin!

This week at C:/dags was marked by the launch of our inter-disciplinary “Discovery Mission” in collaboration with Chemistry, Algebra II, and Game Design classes.  This project will span the entire semester and will utilize the D3 design methodology to guide students through the creative process from concept to completion.  The final project will be a […]

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Back to C:\DAGS

This week marked our first week back at C:/dags after the winter break.  We are excited to start the new semester and will be working closely with teachers to implement a school-wide focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and linked learning.  Progress is already being made to bridge math and science curriculum through game design and we […]

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