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Teens searched for contest details

D3 @PSP: Movin’ On Up into Peace Out!

D3 @ PSP is in high demand – each day the sign up sheet was full! In two days the teens accomplished a lot. On Tuesday they finalized their Movin’ On Up workspace re-design proposal with photos, editing, and a thank you and submitted their work via email to PSP management. They created a professional […]

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Cut paper symbolizes current furniture

D3 @ PSP: Finalizing A Design Proposal

This week the teens at PSP made a lot of progress using the D3 process to create a design proposal for the 5th floor lounge space to become the teen programming workroom at PSP. Each day kids were lined up on the waiting list to join and parents expressed how their child so looks forward […]

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D3 @ PSP: Movin’ On Up & Going to College

Teens eagerly attended D3 @ PSP – both days full with a waiting list. Teens continued their Movin’ On Up redesign project and went on a field trip to be presenters and give critiques to a college graphic design class!      On Wednesday, teens arranged floor plans to adapt the lounge space to a […]

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D3 presents their "Welcome to the Neighborhood" map to PSP guests.

D3 @ PSP: Welcome to the Neighborhood!

In the final week of creating a map for guests at PSP the teens let their special interests and talents shine. One young boy took center stage in front of PBS’ cameras to explain the D3 process, the whole map project they had been working on, and the final steps in collaboration with JOYCE ad […]

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Nightingale TRASHformation Team Sets the Nighthawk Free!

The Nightingale TRASHformation team came together last month to unveil the Nighthawk they created from campus waste with local group Ruckus Roots.  At the time of our last update, the team had begun building the body for the bird, and was starting to test out different materials for its head and beak.  After some trial […]

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Campus Improvement by Mr. Cugley’s Class: Redesigning Spaces

Several teams of 6th graders from Mr. Cugley’s Language Arts classes dedicated lots of time this year to improving the Nightingale Campus.  After completing a campus walkthrough and identifying spaces that needed improvement, the teams decided to redesign a space under some stairs on the blacktop and as well as an outdoor cafeteria space.  They […]

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D3@PSP: CAUTION, cart construction!

The D3 cart project has rolled into construction! The teens were so eager to go at the cart with paint brushes and rollers, but before we did that, we tested out different colors, paints and surfaces. The 5 teens defined each piece of the cart on Tuesday:  One of the ‘wings’ will be dry-erase paint, […]

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photo 3

PSPieces takes flight!

We’ve made it to the end… it’s been a long 9 weeks, but we did it! This week was spent installing, thanking and celebrating. Beau and Emily carved out time during the day to meet with a member of the activities staff and two members of the maintenance staff to install the 180 cranes. It […]

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PSP’s Operation Crane Construction: Complete!

Last week was the final mile in the marathon that was our crane construction. We sprinted to the finish line with our final 30 cranes on Tuesday, totaling over 180 cranes all together! On Wednesday, we pierced and strung all 180 cranes so they were ready for installation next week. The teens were happy to […]

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D3@PSP: Nearing the finish line

In light of the tragic events in Boston on Monday, our teens spent a fair amount of time reflecting on injustices this week. This conversation flourished into personal stories that seemed to fit right into the session’s therapeutic atmosphere. As we folded cranes and played our games, teens shared stories about their families, injustices in […]

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